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We follow the Lou Adler Performance-based Hiring model.  This is an end-to-end business process for sourcing, interviewing and recruiting top tier talent for critical positions.

Things New Hires Do that Prove They're a Great Hire:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Work well with the team
  • Fit the culture
  • Work well with hiring manager
  • Get things done without making excuses
  • Deal with change without complaining (too much)
  • Figure out new ways to solve job-related problems
  • Create good plans and deliver the results
  • Coach and develop others

"That's a great list, but every one of these things was predictable before you hired the person."

We can show you how to predict quality of hire based on the factors you say demonstrate quality of hire. 

Here's the receipe:

Step 1 -- Cefine the work, the people, and the environment.
    Step 2 -- Conduct a performance-based Interview.
    Step 3 -- Figure out if your job offers a career move.

Predicting quality of hire -- before hiring.

After you've completed the above, rank the person on these factors using a 1-5 scale (5 being the best):

  • Comparable results
  • Trend of growth
  • Achiever Pattern
  • Managerial and cultural fit
  • Job represents a career move

If the person scores at least a 20 out of 25 on all of the factors, you can be highly confident the person will be a great hire. Try it out. We will wait for your call.

It's magic.

The Harvey HR Group Executive Search team provides exceptional value by delivering quality, proven search results to clients around the globe.

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